Trivia time!


A girl at work gave me her Mickey Mouse coloring book and I colored this.  Why did I choose this one out of the whole book?  There really is some significance to this picture.  Might give hints if needed and will give the answer Sunday.

Hint #1: This does have to do with Disney history…

Hint #2: Walt would be proud

Hint #3: How did Mickey learn to play polo?

Answer: Mickey is following in his “father’s” footsteps.  Walt Disney was a regular polo player until an injury from the dangerous sport popular among the movie star society of that time forced him to hang up his mallet.

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6 Responses to Trivia time!

  1. kb says:

    This is the first time Disney brought characters from different stories together, establishing the idea that these characters exist outside the stories written for them. It sets up the idea of animated Hollywood stars. (Totally read this on the internet.) 🙂

    Is that what you were going for?

  2. Mouse Host says:

    That wasn’t what I was going for although I love the concept which is why Who Framed Roger Rabbit is one of my favorite movies! Also I must say the horse does remind me of the horse from Ichabod Crane…

  3. kb says:

    So what’s the answer???

  4. kshbrower says:

    Or in the comments below…that way people reading old articles can have a chance to answer without seeing it.

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