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Space Flights Departing from Walt Disney World

Walt Disney’s interests and infatuations were often made apparent by his company’s work in the film and later in the theme park industry.  It wasn’t difficult to tell Walt was fascinated by American history after the release of films like Davy … Continue reading

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10 Phrases NOT to Use Around a WDW Fanatic

I have always said that everyone has their “thing” they geek out on.  Whatever you geek out on, you are most likely a stickler when someone is discussing it.  If you come across someone who appears to be misinformed about … Continue reading

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Monsters Take Over the Monorail

It seems that Disney is promoting upcoming movies more and more in its Parks. A few that had a pretty substantial presence in the Parks were Alice in Wonderland, Brave, Tron, Wreck it Ralph, and the latest, Oz the Great and Powerful. The new film in town is Monsters University set to release June 21, 2013. There is already merchandise, special meet and greets, parades, a giant monster (Sulley) projected on Spaceship Earth, and last but not least the beloved monorail wraps. Continue reading

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The Best All-Nighter You Could Ever Pull

The chances are if you attended college then you have experienced what some students dread and some may even claim to be essential or inevitable. Yes I am talking about the “all nighter!” These usually follow your realization that you did not budget enough time between the day you found out about the test/assignment and the day it was due. Either that or you are one of those people who claim they do their best work under pressure. Continue reading

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