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Space Flights Departing from Walt Disney World

Walt Disney’s interests and infatuations were often made apparent by his company’s work in the film and later in the theme park industry.  It wasn’t difficult to tell Walt was fascinated by American history after the release of films like Davy … Continue reading

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More Than a Theme Park: A Museum

As a WDW nerd I often find myself defending my decision to spend much of my vacation time at a place many deem “a place for kids” or attempting to convince an adult they don’t need to shouldn’t use not … Continue reading

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American Idol to Close at Hollywood Studios

After a fairly short lifespan (4 1/2 years) Disney announced The American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios would close in January 2015 which will be just a month short of running 6 years.  The show would see over 30,000 … Continue reading

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Country Bear Jamboree Refurb

Country Bear Jamboree, one of the opening day attractions at Walt Disney World will be going down for refurbishment from late August to mid October.   Is it just a maintenance refurb or will the show be changed?  If the show … Continue reading

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“Plussing” Your Vacation

Walt Disney World is not just some theme park that you just go to.  Walt Disney World is a resort with many theme parks and should not be taken lightly like Six Flags.  You can’t just pick up and go.  … Continue reading

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Trivia time!

A girl at work gave me her Mickey Mouse coloring book and I colored this.  Why did I choose this one out of the whole book?  There really is some significance to this picture.  Might give hints if needed and … Continue reading

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Walt’s Words of Wisdom

I have always thought of Walt as being a wise man and I would say there aren’t too many people who would argue with that.  I decided to postpone the post I was working on for this week because I … Continue reading

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Where in the world is Disney World?

I Write this post to admit to you all…yes, all three of you, that I have never been to Disney World.  You three may argue otherwise and anyone else who may be reading may wonder how I can possibly be … Continue reading

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Reasons to Return #1: Experience the Movies

One of the many questions us Walt Disney World geeks get is why are you going back?  Apart from the simple answer, “because it’s the most magical place on earth!” I am usually left speechless because I do not know … Continue reading

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“To all who come to this happy place: Welcome”

“To all who come to this happy place: Welcome”  –Walter Elias Disney I would like to borrow the words of the wonderful Walt Disney to welcome you to my blog.  I cannot promise you it will be as happy as … Continue reading

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