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A Peek Backstage: Free Dining

I know many of you Walt Disney World aficionados probably know your way around planning a WDW vacation enough to where you do not need a travel specialist. Some of you still use one because you know there are certain … Continue reading

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The Told and Untold Stories Within Walt Disney World

Walt Disney was a story teller.  I don’t know that he could have ever imagined how many realms his brand would expand into when he first began drawing cartoons but his brand has continued to be loyal to the storytelling business. I … Continue reading

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Reasons to Return #2: The Food!

In case you felt like you need another reason to return to Walt Disney World, here ya go….THE FOOD! Let me start by boring you with the facts.  If you search dining on Walt Disney World’s website you will find … Continue reading

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10 Phrases NOT to Use Around a WDW Fanatic

I have always said that everyone has their “thing” they geek out on.  Whatever you geek out on, you are most likely a stickler when someone is discussing it.  If you come across someone who appears to be misinformed about … Continue reading

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American Idol to Close at Hollywood Studios

After a fairly short lifespan (4 1/2 years) Disney announced The American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios would close in January 2015 which will be just a month short of running 6 years.  The show would see over 30,000 … Continue reading

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MyMagic Plus Test: Check-In Process

What would be better than being able to FastPass+ the front desk to check-in to your resort?  Skipping the front desk check-in all together! Did you hear about the new MyMagic+ test going on at Walt Disney World?  Disney’s new … Continue reading

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Our First Walt Disney World Trip

I jokingly said the only reason I signed up to run the Disney Marathon was because I knew my fiance would come to support me.  Thus I would get her to Walt Disney World before we got married.  A test…….if … Continue reading

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How to Use Your FP+ Selections

Not long ago my countdown to my next trip to Walt Disney World reached 60 days.  This presented me with the difficult task of making my FastPass+ selections.  After my last post about the FP+ testing going on in Epcot … Continue reading

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Thank You Veterans!

One of the most touching experiences in all of Walt Disney World occurs in the Rotunda of the American Adventure Theater when The Voices of Liberty honor all the veterans by singing the fight song of each branch of the … Continue reading

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Avatar Coming to an Animal Kingdom Near You

Remember the movie Avatar?  Well, if you have wandered around the Disney blogosphere at all, you probably have heard Disney acquired the park rights to the film that was nominated for 9 different Academy Awards for 2009.  Disney plans to … Continue reading

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