Kingdom Camera Rentals

Two of my favorite things are Walt Disney World and photography.  Getting to do both at the same time is a WIN-WIN for me!  I had a great time taking photos on my last trip which was my first trip in about 10 years and my first trip as an adult.  I think I got a lot of great shots for my first time in WDW as an amateur photographer.

I often think of shots or see photos others have taken that I wish I had but there is just not enough time in one trip…or two…or three.  Every part of Walt Disney World is so picturesque that there are endless photo ops.  Because WDW is so picturesque it is so easy to get great photos no matter what level of photographer you are.  In fact, the color of the sidewalk was chosen because Kodak advised Disney that it looks better in photos.  The uniqueness of WDW also offers the opportunity for photographers to capture things they might not be able to capture otherwise.  WDW offers a vast array of subjects which will allow you to test your skills and experiment with different types of photography.  Here are just a few: culinary, wildlife, fireworks, sports, landscape, architectural, macro, night time, portraits.

This post came about because of a camera rental company I stumbled upon while browsing through one of my favorite Disney blogs…Disney Tourist Blog.  I love this blog because I enjoying looking at the great shots he gets but also because he offers technical advice specific to photography at WDW.

The Disney Photography Blog has partnered with this camera rental company called Kingdom Camera Rentals.  This company will rent camera equipment to you while you are visiting WDW.  This is a great service for anyone visiting WDW and is interested in getting into photography.  You can browse and order equipment on their website and they will meet you at your resort with your equipment and come back to pick it up when you are done!

Since my camera equipment is very limited at this point I may have to try renting a few lenses from this company on one of my upcoming trips.

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3 Responses to Kingdom Camera Rentals

  1. Lenise says:

    Thanks Mouse Host for your article! Disney Photography Blog is one of our favorites sites too – providing inspiration and great tips on taking better photos at Disney. We’d love to meet you on your next trip to WDW and hook you up with some lenses! You’ve got great information on your site too- you’re in our favorites now too!

  2. kshbrower says:

    I never knew you could rent lenses! I can’t wait to see what kinds of pics you take on your upcoming trips! You should share some more of your Disney photography here on your blog. I’m excited to check out Disney Photography Blog now too for tips for our next trip!

  3. kshbrower says:

    Your Disney Photography Blog link didn’t work for me. The other one did though…

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