Single Digit Dance!!!

I can’t believe I am single digits!  I remember when it was around 200!  I have a countdown widget in the shape of Mickey on the main screen of my phone to remind me each day that my trip is getting closer and closer!  Single digits means I should be receiving our check-in package from my travel agent soon which is like…or better than getting a package in the mail around your birthday or Christmas!

Time to start serious packing.  I have been making lists and gather things already but can’t wait until the last minute in case I need to get something…like more Disney shirts from the Disney Store.  Plus, I need to get a few other things for my costume for Mickey’s Not So Scare Halloween Party.

I am excited about our trip and that we will be leaving in 9 days but it really hasn’t sunk in yet.  I am excited but not WDW excited.  There is a difference between excitement and WDW excitement, at least for me there is.  For instance, last time we went we left from Missouri and it was a good 17 hour drive (with a toddler) and I could have driven the whole way without stopping for a hotel because I was so excited.  We had planned on driving as long as we could or as long as my nephew would let us and then we would get a hotel.  We figured we could make it about halfway.  Well, we drove until we were only 45 minutes away from WDW!  Maybe the true excitement will sink in when I get our check-in package in the mail.

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4 Responses to Single Digit Dance!!!

  1. kshbrower says:

    Don’t forget to download some WDW Radio shows and bring along the Trivia book. I know those things helped me get excited on the way! Or go on and listen to some park soundtracks! Don’t forget to take a watch so you don’t wear out your phone battery using it as a timepiece. (Or you can get a solar charger for your phone to give it that extra boost. That’s my plan! Especially if you plan to use the lines app very much!)

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