WDW Bucket List: Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

My Walt Disney World bucket list is so long and continues to grow as I learn more about Walt Disney World.  Yes, I am admitting that I do not know everything about Walt Disney World!….yet!  Since my list grows continually I thought I should go ahead and cover another list item.

Running is not fun unless there is a purpose to it.  I grew up playing baseball and could run all day if I am tracking down a pop fly but to run just to run.  Come on, that’s not fun.  Over the past few years I have become what I would call a semi-serious runner.  On average I run at least 3 miles a couple times a week along with other various workouts.  Why would I do this if I just said running is not fun?  I do it for two reasons.  One reason is I want to stay in shape and get in better shape.  The other reason is I like to challenge myself.  The accomplishment I feel when I finish is worth the pain I endure as I push myself to see what I can do.

wpid-facebook_1856420810My “running carreer” became more serious after I enlisted in the Navy.  I wanted to get in shape to do well at boot camp and to make boot camp easier.  Despite being medically discharged three weeks before graduation (for an eye condition…don’t get me started!) I was able to bring home an increased hunger for self-excellence!  So I continued running and working out.  Since, I have run in multiple 5k races, two 10k races, and I ran a half-marathon in April.

Before I went to boot camp I heard about Walt Disney World’s Marathon Weekend where they have multiple races for all types of runners from the begginer to the obssessed.  This event immediatley went on my radar!  With my love of Walt Disney World and new found love of running, how could it not go on my bucket list?  Running usually isn’t fun but running at Walt Disney World has to been some of the funnest running anyone could do!  I have yet to run a marathon but I would say the Disney Marathon would probably be one of the easiest marathons you could do!

So why not right?  No time like thewpid-facebook_-863246865.jpg present….or January.  That’s right, I have registered to run in the Walt Disney World Marathon!  I can’t pretend I am not a little nervous but I am also really excited.  Running in a half marathon in Knoxville, TN was a blast so I can’t imagine what the Disney Marathon race weekend has in store!  Time to start training!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
– Walt Disney

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2 Responses to WDW Bucket List: Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

  1. kshbrower says:

    OMG! You’re running the full?! Now I really want to come! I know you’ll do it. You always master everything you set out to do! [P.S. “funnest”? 🙂 ]

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