Exciting News for Me and You

I firmly believe in the practice of bettering yourself.  I was raised this way.  Some may label it as being a perfectionist but that term comes with such a negative connotation and it does not reflect my goal in life.  I do not expect perfection from myself. That is an
unobtainable goal.  If in fact it were achievable, where would there be room for progress?  Progress is one of the most rewarding feelings in life and is experienced more often than perfection.  I strive for progress.  I want to always work toward becoming a better me, whether that is as an assistant supervisor, friend, son, brother, uncle, boyfriend, etc.  I think it is honorable no matter who you are or what you do to strive to be better.  There is always room for improvement!

Okay, now that we got all that serious ??????????talk out of the way; let me explain where this is coming from.  As you may know, I recently joined the travel agency, Magical Vacations by Me, and can now not only help you plan your magical Disney vacations but I can also book them for you.  Well, I have some exciting news for me and you!  The trip I had planned for September has changed for the third time….and the last!  My trip has turned into a training opportunity!  I would have called it a research trip before because I was going more to learn than to have fun (mostly joking).  My trip has turned into a training opportunity because I have been approved to attend the Agent Education
Program at Walt Disney World!

wedding 177The program is 4 nights and 5 days learning opportunity that consists of site inspections of many resorts and tips on how we can help create a more magical experience for you!  I am excited to go places I have never been and learn things I did not know!  Most of all, I am excited to come back and share with all of you.  I plan on extending my stay a few days longer than the training in order to have a few days to explore on my own and check a few things off of my research to-do list.  With that being said, please send me any questions or ideas you might have for me to check out while I am there.  I am your research guy!  I work for you so send me your questions and I will do what I can to find your answer while I am there!

Follow my blog for more details about my trip from the planning process to the post trip report…and of course tons of photos!!!

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