How Much Magic Could a MagicBand Make if a MagicBand Could Make Magic?

nashville and hike 169Lately Disney has been in the testing phase of one of the newest technologies in the theme park industry.  This technology comes in the form of wristband….a MagicBand, if you will.  Disney has combined technology they have been using for quite some time with new, innovative technology to make your vacation even more magical.  Disney is still in the testing phases of the MagicBand and the details could change but it seems to be quickly moving from the testing phases to the implementation phases.  If you are unsure of what MagicBand is or are skeptical, you have come to the right place.  I was happy to find out that I will get to test the MagicBand with my 2 night reservation at Art of Animation this month.  I will go over a brief synopsis of what it is here and will revisit the topic after my trip to give a review of my experience.

MagicBands use RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology to store a guest’s information.  This information currently ranges from park tickets, credit/debit cards, resort room entry, FastPass+, and PhotoPass.  There have been rumors about numerous other potential functions of this fashionable device but I will not go into those right now.  To use the MagicBand, just simply hold it up to one of the touch point locations for it to read the require information. 

nashville and hike 176Personally, I love the idea of MagicBands, despite how much Dinsey may have spent on them.  I think it will improve a guests overall vacation experience.  It should not only make a guest’s trips easier but I think it really could enhance their vacation, giving them a more magical experience.  Stay tuned into the blog for a review of my MagicBand experience after my trip and follow on me Facebook while I’m a Walt Disney World next week! 

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8 Responses to How Much Magic Could a MagicBand Make if a MagicBand Could Make Magic?

  1. Kaleigh says:

    My family is planning on going in 2014. Hopefully the MagicBands will be in full blown use by then so we can use them.

    • Mouse Host says:

      They have dates to roll them out in pretty much every resort by the end of the year so I am sure you will get them. Hopefully they will improve on them even more by the time you go. At what resort do you planning on staying? Feel free to contact me for a quote and assistance planning and arranging you magical vacation!

  2. Monique Phelps says:

    Not sure about it yet. I need to try them out first I suppose. Maybe next year!

    • Mouse Host says:

      I can understand some concerns but I think they will be fantastic once all the bugs are out. There really aren’t too many bugs now but they are still officially in testing phases still. Keep an eye out on my blog. I will be posting reviews and tips from my experience soon!

  3. Amy says:

    We got a letter in the mail about testing this out. I think it indicated we could help test these out! Too cool 😀

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