My Experience with Kingdom Camera Rentals and Special Offer for You

kingdom-camera-rentalsAbout a year ago I stumbled upon a company that rents camera equipment whose target customers were guests at the Walt Disney World Resort.  Being a fan of both Walt Disney World and photography, I thought this was a great concept and knew it was something I would have to try.  My most recent trip to Walt Disney World I participated in the Agent Education Program where we did walking tours of numerous resorts and one of the Disney Cruise Line ships.  I knew it might be difficult to capture some of the resort lobbies and rooms in one photo so I thought an ultra-wide angle lens would do the trick.  I do not currently own a ultra-wide angle lens so this trip was and ideal opportunity to try out the services of Kingdom Camera Rentals. 

lens1 002My experience began on their website which is pretty simple and easy to navigate.  You can search for packages or individual pieces of equipment.  If you are a beginner photographer and are considering an upgrade to a DSLR but not quite sure you are ready to commit a package might be a great option for you!  The packages provide you everything needed to get started in DLSR photography, including multiple camera bag options.  A package might also be ideal for you if you do not want to lug all your camera equipment on a plane to Walt Disney World or if your camera just happens to stop working right before or even during your magical vacation.

If you do not need all of the equipment in a package you can also rent individual pieces of equipment from camera bodies to SD cards.  The bodies and lenses they offer are Canon or Nikon.  They do not have every lens out there but they definitely offer plenty of options to allow you to be creative and try new things on your next trip to Walt Disney World, whether you are looking for great family photos or an artistic perspective of the resort.   Being able to rent individual pieces of equipment could prove to be a trip saver if you discovered you left your camera battery at home or your SD card all of a sudden decides to quite working on the monorail ride to Magic Kingdom.

You can rent your equipment completely online or you can call.  I decided I would call to ask a few questions before I ordered.  I did not get an answer on my first attempt but before I could even set my phone down I received a call back.  I spoke to a man named, Ron who offered me suggestions on a lens selection once I told him what I was looking to do on this trip.  He was extremely nice and helpful.  After our conversation, I went through the complete checkout process online which I found to be very user friendly.  Even though I was only renting a lens, each rental comes with a complimentary camera bag so I was given a choice of multiple types and sizes of camera bags!  I chose a backpack with two straps which allowed me to pack my camera along with two other lenses and a bunch of other park survival items I pack into the park like a pack mule!    

Kingdom Camera Rentals drops off and picks up the equipment which is extremely convenient!  They will meet you in the lobby of your Walt Disney World resort with your gear and you can pick the time that works best for you!  I chose to meet at 7:30am because I like to be in the parks at rope drop.   Ron, the man I spoke to on the phone was there with my equipment.  All I had to do was sign, confirming the receipt of the equipment and I was off to the parks.  He said he understood how valuable park time was so he provided me with a business card in case anything went wrong with my equipment and they would meet up with me as soon as possible.  I returned the equipment the same time a week later and again, all I had to do was sign confirming it was returned and I was off, back to bed!


Taken with Canon EF 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 UltraWide Zoom rented from Kingdom Camera Rentals

Whether, you are considering getting into photography or consider yourself to be a veteran, I would definitely recommend checking out Kingdom Camera Rentals for your next trip to Walt Disney World.  If anything, it would be good to have their number on hand in case your equipment malfunctions while at Walt Disney World.  Check them out and be sure to tell them Joey sent you.  In fact, they have been kind enough to offer readers of Magical World of Walt a discount now through 11/9/13.  Just use promo code MAGICAL10 during checkout and receive 10% off your order!  They also have a great refund policy!  If you change your mind and want to cancel, you will get a full refund as long as you cancel 7 days or more prior to delivery.  If its within that 7 day window its a $50 charge. 

If you have used Kingdom Camera Rentals in the past or end up using them on a future trip feel free to comment on your experience here!

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11 Responses to My Experience with Kingdom Camera Rentals and Special Offer for You

  1. Lisa says:

    I have too look into Kingdom Camera Rentals! Can you rent just lenses?

  2. Lenise says:

    Hi Lisa, yes you can just rent lenses! Many of our customers rent lenses for their camera bodies. It’s a great way to try out an expensive lens on vacation without investing in a purchase.

  3. I never thought of renting a camera but it sounds like a great idea.

  4. Thanks for this GREAT information! I’ve been wanting a DLSR for Disney photography and this would be great to test out which cameras and lenses I want!

  5. this is a great idea. i wouldnt have even thought to rent a camera. we just have a digital camera that makes movies but itd be nicer to have real video equipment

    • Mouse Host says:

      Yeah, even though I already have a DSLR, I might have to try renting a camera body to see if I would want to upgrade to one that has video capabilities as well. I have a Canon 50d that does not do video so I also carry around a point-and-shoot that does video.

  6. Larry G Drum says:

    Thanks for the info! Bookmarked for our next trip!

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