5 Reasons to Book with Paradise Falls Travel Company

I try my best not to participate in anything unless it is something I believe in or would be proud to be a part of.  I am fortunate to be part of a great group called Paradise Falls Travel Company!  So I am doing a shameless plug for Paradise Falls Travel Company and myself because I believe we can help making your next vacation even more magical!  Let’s look at this as more of educational post rather than a shameless plug though….

Only the Best Promos

We modify reservations when promotions come out to save you money!  Even if it takes being on hold for 5 hours!  Contact me to book your next trip!

An infamous time among travel agents but our clients were happy!

Disney announces special promotions all throughout the year and often times the travel dates are only a couple months away.  We know many people like to have their trips planned and booked 6 months out or more.  So what happens if you book your trip and 2 months later Disney announces FREE dining for your dates?  If you booked your trip through Paradise Falls Travel Company then chances are we are already on hold with Disney to have the promo applied to your package.  Disney announced a great promo late this summer and some of our agents were on hold for hours at a time in order to save our clients money!  I was able to save my clients over $1200!  I receive notices as soon as Disney releases a new promotion so I am constantly checking them with my clients travel dates.  Even if you don’t have a trip planned and a great promotion comes out I think you might be interested in I will not only post it on the Promotions and Special Offers page but I will also let you know personally.


Personal Vacation Planner

I can be as involved in your planning as you would like me to be.  I will even go and be your personal guide if you want to pay my way….wink wink!   Some people love the nitty gritty details of planning a Disney vacation.  I am one of them, which is why I became a travel agent.  For some, trying to figure out the best way to tackle the complexities of Walt Disney World or other Disney destinations frightens and stresses them out.  I don’t want you to be stressed or unprepared so I am happy to help you customize your trip to your needs and interests.  

I can help you set up and navigate your way through My Disney Experience to help you prepare for your trip, as well as figuring out those MagicBands and making suggestions for your FastPass+ selectionsI can also offer you suggestions on which park to visit and which parks to avoid on each day of your trip.  This will help you to avoid the larger crowds allowing you to make the most of your time.  I also try to make myself as available as I can during your travel dates in case you need to call with any questions or advice.  

Plussing You Experience

I can help you plus your Disney vacation by adding special experiences to your trip.  There are so many different ways to experience something new and different on every Disney vacation, even if you go every year.  There is a great variety of experiences that will appeal to all different types of tastes in entertainment.  So if you have someone crazy in the family who is less enthusiastic about a trip to Walt Disney World, a special experience might be the ticket to opening their eyes to the idea that Disney is not just a bunch of It’s a Small World rides.  I can make recommendations and reservations for special experiences that would be most appealing to you and the people in your party to make your trip more magical!  

hoop dee doo (25)

Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue

One of the best ways to plus your experience is by eating.  I tell people all the time that Disney has some of the best restaurants you will ever eat at period.  You will not only have great food and great service; you will also have a unique experience.  Whether you plan on doing table service meals or not, I always suggest eating in the restaurants while on a Disney vacation.  It is just as much part of the experience as riding The Haunted Mansion or watching Wishes.  If you are interested in table service I can call and make your dining reservations as well as make recommendations for both table service and counter service locations.

Thank You Gift

Here are a couple of reasons to book with Magical Vacations by Me!Like I said, I love the nitty gritty details in planning a Disney trip so I am very grateful when people book with me!  Besides the benefits of your business, I love sharing with you the magic of planning and experiencing a Disney vacation.  It brings me joy to see and hear how wonderful of a time my clients have on their vacation!  It comes in a close second to actually going on a Disney vacation myself.  To show my gratitude to you for allowing me to share in your special experience I will often offer a thank you gift.  Sometimes you may know what it is before hand like the current gift card I am offering which is listed on the Promotions and Special Offers page.  Other times the gift may be a surprise that arrives with your travel documents or may be waiting for you in your room when your arrive to your destination. 

It’s Complimentary

recFree: One of our favorite words in the Disney community because it often is followed by our second favorite word….food!  This time I am not referring to food.  I am referring to my services.  Everything I have mentioned is completely free to you when you book through me.  You pay nothing for my services when you book a Disney vacation.  You pay the same price you would pay if you booked directly through Disney but you get SO much more when you book through Paradise Falls Travel Company.  If you have booked with me before a refer someone else to me who also books a trip I will also send you a little thank you gift for you referral!


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