My Magical Wedding

I apologize for my recent disappearing act!  I have neglected my blog too long!  Would you accept getting married as a valid excuse?  Unlike a lot of future husbands, I did help plan a lot of it.  Since I was very involved in the planning process you know there had to be some Disney reference somewhere.  I did sneak it in where I could.  My wife is not a huge Disney fanatic (yet) like I am so our whole wedding was not Disney-fied.  That just meant I had to sneak it in subtly which I think was more fun!

It started with the invitations.  I designed them myself so I built two hidden Mickey’s into them.  There was one on the front and one on the back.  Can you find them?

invitation front with mickeyinvite

At our rehearsal dinner my family decorated the tables with various photos of some of our adventures together, with the majority of them being from our recent trip to Walt Disney World together.

The next Disney reference occurred during the wedding which played out very interestingly and someone who did not expect it ended up being surprised.  I have a decently musical family so I had asked my mom, aunt, and sister if they would like to sing during the ceremony.  They of course said yes and I gave them the reigns for picking the song.  A couple of weeks away from the wedding, it was time to send the DJ the song and I was designing the wedding program (which also had a hidden Mickey on it) so I called my sister and asked if they had picked one yet and if she could send it to me.  She was very cryptic and told me just to put “love medley” on the program and asked me to send her the DJ’s email so she could just send the song to him.  She said she didn’t want me to have to be the “go between” and create more stress for me if there were any issues.  My sister is very sweet and she would absolutely do something like that for me but I knew there was more at work here.  I humored her and sent her the DJ’s email.

Later that night as I recounted the conversation to my fiance’ I told her my suspicion was that they were planning to do some Disney love songs.  Little did I know, she knew already.  She was in on it but I would not be the one surprised!  Once my family found out my suspicion they caved and spilled their guts.  The one thing I didn’t suspect that I wish they had surprised me with was they had got my best man in on it and he was going to take over at one point during the song.  Fast forward to two nights before the wedding.  My family and best man were practicing at my aunt’s house and of course I was singing along because….well they are Disney songs!  How could you not?  They decided it would be a great idea to finish the “love medley” by singing to my bride!  Although I didn’t really want to add anything else stressful to my plate (especially since Liz and I had another surprise lined up) they twisted my arm enough and I conceded.  My best man was originally supposed to finish out the medley with You’ve Got a Friend in Me but now he was starting the song and I was finishing it by singing the last verse to my lovely bride!  So even though Liz thought she was “in” on it the whole time, she was the one who ended up being surprised.  She didn’t see it coming and the look on her face was priceless!  Here is a short clip of the end of the song.

During the ceremony, our pastor ad-libbed some a Disney reference in by addressing Liz, letting her know she is also swearing allegiance to all things Disney by marrying me too!  She understood that and most of our guests did as well!  I thought it was a nice touch and no I did not ask him to do that.


Our wedding was outside and our reception was in a pavilion right next to where the ceremony was held.  As guests were leaving the ceremony area and entering the reception area I had the DJ play Stellar Kart’s version of Kiss the Girl, A Whole New Worldand Be Our GuestThe DJ must have quickly picked up on the Disney theme because he play instrumental Disney songs during dinner and we did not ask him to do this.  I thought it was a very nice touch!  He was a fantastic DJ and all our guest were raving about him!  The serve in Knoxville and the Tampa area so check him out if you need a DJ at

One of the last Disney touches we had planned for our wedding day was in our first dance.  The reason I was so hesitant to agree to sing during the wedding was because I already had the stress of performing our first dance.  That’s right, we choreographed our first dance.   It started off as a slow dance for about 2 minutes and then we busted into Can’t Touch This followed by a few other fun songs and we ended with Stellar Kart’s version of Can You Feel The Love Tonight.  Check out the video.  Sorry I don’t have the whole thing.  With all the wedding commotion, I forgot to ask someone to video our whole dance.  Oh, and only our photographer, coordinator, and DJ knew about the dance.

hiddenmickeyMy wedding day was absolutely perfect!  Everyone had a blast!  My only complaint is that it went by way to fast!  I married a wonderful girl who accepts me and my Disney obsession.  I someday hope to convert her to the Disney side!

Be sure to also check out our DJ’s blog about our wedding: Sword Sounds Blog.  He did a nice article and took numerous photos and a few videos.


It’s good to be blogging again!  Please stay tuned for more posts and as always, please contact me if you are interested in booking a vacation.  I specialize in Disney travel but can book just about anything else you can think of!  My services are complementary and I will do my best to make sure you have a magical, stress-free vacation!

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  1. Congrats on the wedding! Hope you two have an amazing marriage! And make sure you convert her to “Disney fanatacism”, 😛 !

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