10 Phrases NOT to Use Around a WDW Fanatic

I have always said that everyone has their “thing” they geek out on.  Whatever you geek out on, you are most likely a stickler when someone is discussing it.  If you come across someone who appears to be misinformed about your geek subject, you likely correct them, if not out loud then in your head.  You know it to be true!

My geek subject, of course, is Walt Disney World.  Nowhere is safe for a Walt Disney World fanatic when it comes to phrases that make us cringe!  We hear them from friends, family, and our coworkers.  Even once we pass under that glorious sign and set foot in the apparent haven of our beloved 30,000 acre resort, we still are subject to the pangs of phrases from the mouths of blasphemers!  Without further adieu, in a semi-particular order, here are my top 10:

10. Harry Potter World is my favorite Disney park.

Yes, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is spectacular and is very much on the same level with Disney Imagineering but it is not Disney.  It is a very magical land but is located in Universal Orlando.  Walt Disney World transportation will not get you to the Harry Potter World, unless there is a knight bus this muggle doesn’t know about.

9. Animal Kingdom is a half day park.

safariI will begin by saying many WDW “fanatics” also claim this to be true but I believe a WDW fanatic would understand that touring a Disney Park is much more than just hitting all the “attractions.”  This is a park that was meant to be explored.  The whole park is an attraction and where I do believe this is the case for all the Disney Parks, it is even more true in this park than any other.  Go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom for a half day and report back to me all the things you did and I will list even more you didn’t do.

8. Why do you go back so much?

I get this question a lot and there are so many ways to answer it.  In fact, I have a few working drafts of a blog series called Reasons to Return where I cover just why you should return to Walt Disney World.  Without spoiling all of my future posts I will attempt to answer this one as briefly as possible.  I have not even come close to seeing and doing half of what there is at Walt Disney World.  The things I have done I love and want to do again!  Because I grew up going there with my grandparents, it’s like another home to me.  I have been home to visit my parents before but I still go back. The same is true for Walt Disney World.  When the Walt Disney World bus recordings say “Welcome Home,” it’s not just some cheesy gimmick, it rings true in the ears of many!

7. The park with the big golf ball.

??????????The only golf balls you should be referring to on Walt Disney World property are the ones at the 4 championship golf courses or the 2 miniature golf courses.  The “big golf ball” people often refer to is Epcot’s weenie, Spaceship Earth.  If Spaceship Earth could speak, it would no undoubtedly say, “I have a name you know!”

6. Call an attraction a ride

I know this one might sound petty but it bothers me because weird, nasty fairs and carnivals have rides and I cannot bare to even come close to accidentally comparing Walt Disney World to those places.  It is so much more than just a ride at Walt Disney World.  The attraction begins as you approach the queue.  I have even heard some people refer to some Walt Disney World attractions as rides and they don’t even move!


5. Use Disneyland and Walt Disney World interchangeably

The kind of looks someone may get if they hold up an apple an ask if it’s an apple or an orange would be very similar to the look a Disney fanatic would give to someone who confused Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  To a Disney fanatic, it’s easy to distinguish.  It’s second nature.  Something we have never had to think about.  Some haphazardly use one for the other unknowingly and some think Magic Kingdom is Disneyland or also called Disneyland.

4. We just go one day

Come again?…..I must have misheard because I thought you just said you only go one day to Walt Disney World!  This is pure torture for Disney fanatics!  It’s not that there is nothing else to do in Orlando but there is just so much to do at Walt Disney World.  I feel like you didn’t really go to Walt Disney World if you just went for one day.  It was more like you just stopped by.  For me, 4 days is a minimum and borderline torture but, yes, I guess one day is better than none.

3. We don’t eat in the parks

Walt Disney World is more than just rides and shows.  I already explained that Walt Disney World has “attractions” and one of the attractions is the food! ??????????Whether it’s a table service restaurant, quick service, or a snack, the food is part of the experience.  I understand that some people want to save money but if you know where to eat you can get some great food without breaking the bank.  I think the convenience of eating in the parks out-ways not having to leave the parks to eat or bringing your own food into the parks.

2. We stay off property

??????????Much like my argument about food, I truly believe staying on property is part of the Walt Disney World experience and the convenience far out-ways the money you might save by staying off property.  I never want to leave the magic of Walt Disney World so when I go, I park my car and don’t get back in it until I have to go back home.  Plus, if you close enough at those off-site places you may find the expenses can rack up.  You may still “save” money but you have sacrificed a little bit of money for a lot of time.  More to come on this subject.

1. Isn’t that place just for kids?

I  have mixed emotions when I get asked that question.  I am first annoyed by it as if they are attempting to belittle or judge me like a parent scoffing at an adult playing in the McDonald’s Play Place.  Then I feel a sense of sadnessiphone photos 088 I imagine Peter Pan often felt when he offered to take someone to Neverland and they told him they were to old for that.  Don’t be afraid to be a kid even if you are 45 years old!  I plan on never growing up.  I will answer the posed question with a resounding NO!  Even if you do not want to let go and be a kid for a little bit, there are still many things Walt Disney World offers that is great for or even just for adults.

If you are part of the Walt Disney World fanatic clan, I am sure you can attest to my list and even add some of your own.  If you are not part of the clan I must warn you, there are more of us out there than you realize so heed these 10 phrases as a warning!  Correct the error of your ways or you might find yourself corrected by a complete stranger.

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