More Than a Theme Park: A Museum

As a WDW nerd I often find myself defending my decision to spend much of my vacation time at a place many deem “a place for kids” or attempting to convince an adult they don’t need to shouldn’t use not having kids as an excuse not to go.  In either of these situations I start rattling off all of the “adult” things to do at Walt Disney World, even though I believe “getting to act and feel like a kid” is probably the best reason to go.

Each time I begin listing the many facets of Walt Disney World I am reminded that it is so much more than just a theme park and that was Walt’s intention.  Walt Disney World is so complex.  It is not merely part of a guest’s vacation but usually their entire vacation.  I truly believe their is something everyone can enjoy so I will attempt to identify some of the many personalities of Walt Disney World.  As I started writing, the post kept getting longer and longer (go figure), so I decided to turn this into a series.  So in no particular order, here is my first:

A Museumhall of pres dress

This one might be a little ironic since I believe it was Walt who said he did not want his parks to become a museum.  What he meant was things would change.  They had to.  He always wanted to bring new and exiting experiences to people and in order to do that he knew you sometimes had to tear down and start over.  Although it is sad to see some of our favorite attractions get demolished or changed, I totally agree with Walt but my thinking about Walt Disney World being a museum is a little different than Walt’s.

If you have any appreciate for aesthetics you could understand how Walt Disney World could be considered an art museum.  This should pretty much be a no-brainer because of Walt’s dedication and contribution to the world of art.  Everything Walt Disney World does is art.  A whole blog could be dedicated to the architecture of Walt Disney World so in tree of lifean attempt to be brief(er), here is a list of some different type of art you will find: architecture, landscaping, costumes, props, sets, animatronics, food, paintings, sculptures, and attraction models.

There are also several places throughout Walt Disney World where you will find authentic historical artifacts from the life of Walt Disney, film, and from our country’s history.  The most obvious “history museums” in Walt Disney World are The Hall of Presidents and One Man’s Dream but there are many historical artifacts spread out throughout the resort and attractions that usually go unnoticed from the resorts to the parks.  If it looks old and authentic, chances are that wasn’t the magic of Disney artistry.  It may actually be 100 years old!

sept 22 173

Even though Walt Disney did not want his parks to become a museum where you could see and experience a piece of “history” (i.e. the attractions).  I think he would be proud to know that his parks are a place where people can come and see astounding works of art as well as authentic pieces of our country’s history and the history of film.

What’s your favorite piece of the museum that is Walt Disney World?  Is it a piece of art or a piece of history?

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