I’m Back

It has been awhile….too long!  After the whole Navy debacle my blog got placed on the back burner because I hadn’t been posting regularly.  I think I tried to set an unrealistic goal for how often I would post on here and I became discouraged.  So I have decided this time around I would just post when I felt like it with no time constraints.  My fear was that people would stop reading if I didn’t post on some kind of schedule but obviously you would stop reading if I didn’t post at all.  So let’s do this!

First day back from boot camp

Well, my plan was to join the Navy and retire after twenty years.  After that I was hoping to head down to Florida to start my career with the Walt Disney Company.  However, my Naval career ended up being quite shorter than planned.  So now I am once again left to plan my more immediate future.  I was very fortunate to land a job with fantastic benefits, one of which being two weeks paid vacation.  Needless to say, my next Walt Disney World trip is already planned…and 3 more are possibly in the works.

Obviously, my love for Disney continues and actually grows each day.  I will not lie, there is hardly a day that goes by without something “Disney” in it, even if it’s just a thought.  Every morning at work I change my desktop background to a different photo from Walt Disney World.  I do this not just to brighten my day but it is also an attempt to spark a little curiosity in my coworkers with the hope that I can help them plan their dream vacation…or my dream vacation for them.

My first stage appearance at Walt Disney World

During my search for a new career, I seriously considered fast-forwarding to my career goal to work for the Walt Disney company.  Honestly, working for Walt Disney World is my dream job and not because I think it would be a vacation.  I have read many reviews from those who have worked for the company and many (especially college interns) complain about how strict the company can be on its employees.  This does not discourage me because I understand the company’s demand for perfection and my little time with the Navy has also given me a greater appreciation for attention to detail and the quality of work it produces.  The Walt Disney Company has created a quality product from the time of Walt Disney himself and that quality continues in his company today.  That type of quality can only be achieved by the passion and hard work of its cast members.

I believe I can help the Walt Disney Company continue its streak of quality.  I have a passion for the company because of all the fond memories I have from Walt Disney World and I would love to be a part of the magic and give back to guests what I received and continue to receive every trip.  I know what it is like to feel like nothing else exist outside of Walt Disney World when you are there.  I know what it feels like to be treated like a star.  I know that Walt Disney World can create unique experiences and memories that can no other place can offer.  These are just a few reasons why I would not only be honored to bear the title “Cast Member” but feel I would exemplify such a role.

Someday I shall don that coveted cast member name tag but until then I will do what I can to help those around me to experience the magic Disney has to offer.  I love offering advise and tips to those who are planning a trip to help make their experience more magical but the whole purpose of my blog is to at least spark your curiosity enough make you want to check out the most magical place on earth for yourself.

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2 Responses to I’m Back

  1. Kim says:

    Your enthusiasm is contagious! My long-dormant enthusiasm for Disney is being rekindled by yours and also fueled by the overwhelming array of Disney merchandise I see in the stores these days, and especially by the constant reminder from all the Disney characters on my kids’ toys and clothes! I am excited to pass on my love of Disney to my kids. I think I’m doing alright since my son started saying “Mickey” before “Mommy.” I can’t wait for my children to experience the magic that we always experienced, and I can’t wait to experience it more as a mom. I know it will be different, but very special. And I know Uncle Joey will play a huge role in making sure these kids are Disney nuts like us too!

    • Mouse Host says:

      I look forward to surprising them with trips and spoiling them with special experiences that they and we will never forget! There is so much magic in store for them!

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