The Harmony Barber Shop

Because of the history between Walt Disney World and myself I have been fortunate to have many “firsts” there. I got my first bike and learned to ride in the Fort Wilderness campground. I pulled my first tooth outside of Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress in Magic Kingdom. I experienced my first “first” on Main Street USA at the Harmony Barber Shop. That’s right, that is where I got my first haircut.

The shop was once located off of Main Street but is now tucked in the far left corner of the square in between the car barn and The Emporium as you first enter the park.  It can easily be missed but this shop can provide lasting memories and a wonderful keepsake for a little one’s first trip to WDW.  The Harmony Barber continues to be a working barber shop where anyone of all ages can stop by and get a “little off the top.”

Town Square is an attraction in and of itself!

You can make reservations for a haircut or if you want to just walk up then the best time is in the morning right when the park opens.  My advice is to go right after the park opens, whether you are making reservations or are trying to walk up.  Two reasons for this: The first is because it is located right at the main gate so it is convenient to go ahead and do it while you are at the front of the park rather than back tracking later.  The second and most important reason is because you may have to wait a few minutes for the shop to open if you arrive at the park for rope drop (when they open the park).  “Why in the world would I want to be there early and have to wait a few minutes for it to open?” you ask.  Well, I am glad you asked!  Because then you have some time and an excuse (although you shouldn’t need one!) to explore Town Square a little bit.  There is so much detail and beauty all over the square.  In the few minutes you have you won’t be able to take it all in!  I won’t go into detail about the Town Square…just yet.  Another post for another time….”Patience Iago….patience.”

Don’t rush through Main Street! There’s so much to see!

Much like the rest of Town Square and Main Street USA, when you set foot inside the Harmony Barber shop you feel as though you have been transported to a turn of the century small town because of the ornate and often authentic decor.  Everything from the wallpaper to the barber chairs give the shop that nostalgic feel.  It is definitely worth at least poking your head in even if you or a little one are not going for a trim.  If you time it just right you might even be visited by the barber shop quartet, The Dapper Dans.  I do believe they would make their appearance sometime around midday, so that would be the only reason (and a very good reason at that) to visit the shop any time other than the morning.

He’s cute like his uncle was too!

During our trip in May we may have (and I hope) started a family tradition.  Like his uncle, my little nephew, Jared, got his first haircut at Walt Disney World!  After his haircut he received complimentary mickey ears with “My First Haircut” embroidered on the back and a certificate documenting his first haircut.  I kind of felt slighted by this because I do not believe (and my grandma can attest to it) that I received any mickey ears or certificate!  Not to my surprise and in classic Disney fashion the Barber, Diane, presented me with my very own certificate as well.  I did not get mickey ears because usually people get their first haircut before their heads are as big as mine so they didn’t have any in my size.  I was very appreciative for my certificate.  It will be a good way to document the family tradition!

I’m not ashamed!

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  1. kb says:

    I’m hoping Noelle might be ready for a trim by the time we go again, but being a girl, I’m afraid she’ll need to be a little older. We’ll see. Or maybe we’ll have to start a Bippity-Boppity Boutique tradition for the girls.

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