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Us Disney geeks, we bleed Disney.  Because of this we have to make sure we get our Disney fix in as often as we can.  There are many avenues we use to feed our hunger.  For those of you I have yet to convert, I want to offer a look into what a day in the life of a Disney geek might look like.  Those of you who are part of the elite, self-proclaimed club of Disney geeks you can attest to these methods and please offer any I might have left out!


The Disney blogging community is vast and unique.  You can find blogs that cover everything from food found in the Disney parks to the technology and development of Disney parks.  There are blogs out there to suit every level of Disney fan from a Disney newbie to the Disney fanatic.  Here is a brief list of some of my favorites:

Disney Tourist BlogThis is probably my favorite.  The content is extensive and covers a variety of subjects.  Even if you are not in the mood to read I highly recommend this blog because he has outstanding photography! 

Disney Food Blog: This blog is the go-to place for Disney Parks food questions and tips.  If you think Disney Parks only has hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken fingers please go check this site out!  Oh, and of course there is great food porn!

Disney Parks Blog: I like to frequent Disney’s official parks blog to see what Disney is doing around the world.

While I do love the above mention blogs, I also love going blog hunting to find other individuals like me who created there own blog to share their excitement and experience with everyone.  I like to encourage and support “the little guy” because it’s not a competition to me, it’s a community!  The more there are and the more they share the better!  I think there are two reasons we Disney bloggers love to blog.  Probably the number one reason is we want everyone to see the magic they can experience by visiting a Disney vacation destination!  A close second is we just love talking about Disney and if we don’t have someone present to yap their ear off then we might as well write!


blog 010When you are hundreds of miles away from Walt Disney World, the closest you can get to feeling like you are back in the parks is through music.  You can take this music home with you by purchasing park music CD’s at the parks or online.  One of the two CD’s from Four Parks-One World can always be found in my car’s CD player and I listen to it almost everyday.  I also have some other park soundtracks including the IllumiNations (preshow included), Wishes, area music for some of the lands in Magic Kingdom, and gate music for Epcot and Magic Kingdom.  These are usually my go-to tracks when blogging.  I’m listening to IllumiNations preshow currently!  Another great source for park music is Mouse World Radio which streams tons of park music including some long lost but much loved attractions.  They also have an app that I like to use when I run.  


Forums is another great way to connect with the Walt Disney World community.  Much like blogs, you can find forums for everyone from a novice to a nerd.  Forums are a great place to get a questioned answered, find tips, or just talk about the most magical place on earth.  There are numerous forums out there but the two I have frequented are DisBoards which is part of a site that covers all things Disney vacation, DIS (Disney Information Station).  The other forum is also part of a site that includes a blog and podcast along with the forums, WDW Radio.

Free Stuff

I like free stuff especially when Disney is giving it out, like free diningAnother fun, free way to have a little bit of Walt Disney World while at home is to order customized park mapsYou can selected your favorite attractions to highlight on these large, beautiful maps.  These aren’t maps you would want to take into the parks.  These are ones you would want to frame…and they are FREE!  The print the maps front and back so to have a complete set to frame you will have to order two sets and you can only order one set within a 6 month period so order them today!

blog 005The other freebie you can order from Disney’s website is the vacation planning DVDThey update these every year so I started collecting them!  Years from now it will serve as a great way too see all the changes that have taken place in the Disney Parks!


If you are not familiar with what a podcast is, it’s basically a internet radio show.  Podcasts are usually usually for those on the geek side of the spectrum but can be very informative, fun, and help fill some of the void being absent from The World for months at a time can cause!  My favorite is WDW Radio but some other popular ones are WDW Today and DIS Unplugged.

And The List Goes On and Ondesk

I have mentioned only a few of the ways to have a little Walt Disney World in your daily routine.  There are so many others from decorating your home, workplace, car, looking for hidden mickey’s, or drinking your daily coffee from a Disney mug.  Tell us how you mix a little WDW into your home life!

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