Plussing The Blog

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things…”    -Walt Disney

As we all know, great things come from such a spirit and it is my hope to apply such a concept not only in my life but in my blog as well.

I am excited to announce a couple of additions to the blog.  A couple you may have already noticed.   One is that I have created a Pintrest account.  I confess that I am a newbie and still learning but I would love for you check out my boards and follow me.  Just simply click the link on the right!

You may have noticed my other addition, the Mouse Host Facebook page.  I want this to be another avenue for you to interact or check out photos.  I reached the limit of free space for my Flickr account so instead of paying for more storage I opted to create a Facebook page.  So please feel free to stop by the Mouse Host Facebook page and say hello!   I am going to leave my Flickr account active for now but to check out all the photos from my previous trip visit me on Facebook.

The final addition I hope to add soon is video!  I have been wanting to add this for quite some time so I finally broke down and bought a point-and-shoot camera so I can do some video that will provide me with better quality than my Android (which I hope to be upgrading to iPhone soon)!  So be on the lookout for videos from my last trip and my upcoming trips and please offer suggestions of what you would like to see videos of!

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2 Responses to Plussing The Blog

  1. Joey you have made some great additions to your blog, good for you! I have liked on FB and am now a follower on pinterest. I think you will find the FB page to be a great way to check in on your blog followers without always having to use your blog. I love it for mine!

    Have a great weekend!


    • Mouse Host says:

      Yeah I am starting to realize it is a much better source for consistent contact and interaction. Things are going well and I am enjoying it more and more! Thanks for the encouragement!

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