My WDW Packing List

I have said it before and I will say it again and again…Walt Disney World is not like other theme parks.  You cannot (or should not) just waltz right through the turnstiles with nothing but your ticket and the clothes on your back.  You might be able to get away with that at Six Flags but Walt Disney World is whole different animal.  That is why there are resorts on site and spread out all over Orlando.  Guests have realized tackling a place such as WDW requires more than one day per visit.  With this brings a whole different challenge you won’t face when visiting any other theme park: packing!

??????????There are so many things to consider when packing for a trip to the most magical place on earth.  Some items will help you survive and others are for fun.  Each person may be different when it comes to their approach to touring the parks.  These difference will show in what they pack in the car and what they pack in the parks.  If you spend some time in the Disney blogosphere you will run across many packing lists and will see some very creative items you might not have thought of that could benefit you on your next trip.  There are also some that may make you scratch your head.  Every one is different and is entitled to their own packing list.  Without any further ado, here is my packing list for my upcoming trip! 

    • DSLR camera with 50mm lens and ??????????55-200mm lense
    • Point-and-shoot camera
    • extra battery and memory card for DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras
    • backpack
    • tripod
    • ponchos (bring extra in case I run into some guests in need)
    • ziplock bags
    • hand sanitizer (there are a lot of safety bars and seat belts and a lot of people touch them)
    • quarters and pennies for pressed pennies
    • flip flops (For water rides and rain!  No one likes wet shoes.)??????????
    • Starbucks VIA iced coffee packets
    • Crystal Light packets (I’m not paying for drinks and the water can taste a little funny.  Plus, you can get some with caffeine that will help you power through the day!)
    • Disney Visa
    • Laptop
    • Cell phone equipped with My Disney Experience app
    • mini notebook and pen for making notes
    • MagicBand
    • Annual Pass

Do you have Disney Parks survival list?  Are there items you won’t head to Walt Disney World without or something you must take in the parks with you?  Please share something from your list that helps you or might help someone else on their magical vacation! 


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12 Responses to My WDW Packing List

  1. Great idea about the Crystal Light packets! I think I may use that one on my next trip! Thanks!!

  2. doulakk says:

    Good tips, thanks so much! We leave on Nov 8th!! yay

  3. Kim Allmon says:

    Thanks for the tips – especially about bringing in drink packets & Starbucks Via! My must have item to pack for me is my WDW Passporter book – it’s my absolute lifeline containing all the vital trip info including reservations for car rentals, airlines, hotels, dining…you name it! Plus it has a very comprehensive guide with maps about WDW. I use the journal pages to write down magical moments for each day & the pages have pockets so you can place that day’s receipts, special tickets, etc.

    • Mouse Host says:

      I love that you journal! That can be really fun to go back and read years later! I like to make note of the names cast members who made my experience more magical too! I loved having the crystal light and via packets. They are good for energy and to give me something other than water all the time.

  4. i always bring a water bottle. once whatever I had in there originally is gone (tea, diet coke, etc) I’ll just fill it up at the fountain if i get thirsty again. Its not the best water i’ve ever had, but its so much cheaper than buying drinks in the parks. i’d rather spend all my money on dole whip 🙂

  5. M says:

    I brought almost all these things when we went to disney, we also had a water bottle. I see it the way the above commenter does 🙂

  6. Amy says:

    My little ones have to have their lanyards of pins:)

    • Mouse Host says:

      Oh, how could I forget lanyards and pin?! Well, I haven’t got into that much….yet. I have been avoiding it to save money but I do buy at least one pin every trip to commemorate that trip. This time I bought a Food & Wine Festival pin since I was there for opening day.

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