What’s with the Toy Story Mania Test?

??????????Maybe you have heard of or been victim of the most recent FastPass+ test Walt Disney World has conducted. October 6th through the 9th Toy Story Midway Mania was only available to guests with FastPass+ reservations, meaning the standby queue was closed.

My first thoughts were for those unfortunate guests traveling during that time who are not on the up-and-up about WDW news because they didn’t not give guests much of a heads up about the test so those who were unaware likely did not get to ride during their stay but this happens occasionally with closures due to refurbs and breakdowns. It just means people have to take another trip to Walt Disney World right?

jpg167My second thought was I hope they do not have plans to make Toy Story Midway Mania FastPass+ reservation only. If this were the case then they might as well get rid of the tiered FastPass+ system at Hollywood Studios because very very very few people would choose anything but Toy Story in tier A.


I have mixed feelings about the potential of losing the rope drop dash to Toy Story experience. I love doing rope drop at Hollywood Studios because I can often get 2 rides through the standby queue before the wait gets over 60 minutes and when you combine that with my FastPass+ reservation, that means I get to ride it 3 times in a day! On the other hand, by eliminating the need to rope drop run, it does free me up to do other things and maybe have a more relax start to my Hollywood Studios day. I would most likely turn on Sunset Blvd. and head straight for Tower of Terror and then its next door neighbor, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.


It appears the Toy Story Mania test is some attempt by Disney to resolve the unrelenting wait times Toy Story Mania possesses pretty much year round. It is relieving to see that Disney recognizes there is an issue and is looking for ways to free up more time in a guest’s day by reducing this wait.

After thinking more about the move by Disney and the recent closure of the Backlot Tour, which is just down the road on Pixar Place, I wondered if this was the appropriate approach for Disney to take on the problem. Is limiting guests to FastPass+ reservations really the answer? Apparently the answer is no.

My initial thought once I heard the Backlot Tour was closing for good was that the much rumored and anticipated Star Wars land was soon to break ground but after this Toy Story Mania test I could not help but think part of this newly available land should be devoted to an additional Toy Story Mania track. After doing a little more research I found that many share my opinion. I have not found anything official from Disney so right now this remains a very popular rumor. Disney’s test leads many to speculate if Disney adds a track one track may become FastPass+ reservation only and the others will remain standby.


If the comes to fruition, which I hope it does, I am interested to see how much it will truly reduce wait times because I think there is a wait time threshold for many guests. Whether it’s guests who go to Walt Disney World unaware of Toy Story Mania’s popularity or guests attempting to use the standby for multiple rides, I think there is a point where they will look at the estimated wait time sign and just turn around and walk away. I don’t think creating another track will lessen the estimated standby wait time as much as it will allow more people to ride in a day because now the people who would normally turn and walk away will actually stand in line, putting the wait time right back to where it is today.

Whatever rumors turn out to be true, I do believe it will be a positive change and a much needed change as Toy Story Mania continues to be arguably the most popular attraction in all of Walt Disney World, next to the adored sister duo, Anna and Elsa.

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