Reasons to Return #2: The Food!

In case you felt like you need another reason to return to Walt Disney World, here ya go….THE FOOD!

Let me start by boring you with the facts.  If you search dining on Walt Disney World’s website you will find 330 options to choose from.  Now this does include things like snack stands and pool bars so you don’t have to feel quite so overwhelmed.

Gastons-DHRThere are 156 locations that you would consider “quick service” such as counter service restaurants, food trucks, and snack stands.  Then you have 131 “table service” restaurants where you, of course, would sit at a table (I know….go figure!) and your food would be brought to you!  There are 17 of these restaurants where you might just be visited by a character during your meal!  You could also choose to overindulge yourself at one of the 23 buffets on property or perhaps you a person of fine taste and prefer the refined experience of one of the 23 fine dining restaurants or maybe you like to have fun with your food at one of the 3 dinner shows at Walt Disney World?

If you prefer to relax to something light with a nice adult beverage at the end of the day, don’t worry, you have 49 lounges to choose from!

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Getting my point yet?

A great reason to return to Walt Disney World is the practically unending menu items there are on property, especially considering many of the restaurants regularly revise their menus.  I haven’t even mentioned the resort’s annual Food & Wine Festival that takes place every fall for about 2 months!

Even if you are on a tight budget I would still encourage you to experience the food at Walt Disney World because there are so many unique snack and quick service items.  You don’t have to settle for “theme park food” at Walt Disney World and you shouldn’t!

Okay, so now that you know how much food there is at Walt Disney World, let’s talk about the quality.  Yes, there are going to be some restaurants that many pass on due to the lack of quality in their menu items but on average, Walt Disney World’s food is very good quality, whether it is a snack, quick service, or table service.  When I am trying to convince an adult it’s not only okay to go to Walt Disney World without kids but you should go without kids, I always tell them Disney offers some of the best restaurants you could ever eat at.  Sure there is typical “park food” but there is plenty of unique and fine dining options if you are up for it!

The perfect example of this is one of the top 5 restaurants in the United States (according to TripAdvisor’s 2014 Travelers’ Choice awards) and a 10-year recipient of the AAA Five Diamond Award, Victoria &n Albert’s.  The menu changes daily to ensure guest receive the freshest and best quality food during their seven course meal.  The restaurant has a strict dress code and kids are not allowed.  If you want to plus your experience even more you can try to nab a reservation at the chef’s table where you will walk away with a custom menu listing the ten course meal made just for you!  This is on my Walt Disney World bucket list!

Now for some food porn….for your viewing pleasure I have put together a few photos I have collected over my last few trips.  If you want to dive more into the food of Walt Disney World check out The Disney Food Blog.  Yep, there’s an entire blog dedicated to Walt Disney World’s food… there should be!

What’s your favorite Walt Disney World food or restaurant?

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