The Best All-Nighter You Could Ever Pull

The chances are if you attended college then you have experienced what some students dread and some may even claim to be essential or inevitable.  Yes I am talking about the “all nighter!”  These usually follow your realization that you did not budget enough time between the day you found out about the test/assignment and the day it was due.  Either that or you are one of those people who claim they do their best work under pressure.

Well students and former students, the all-nighter is back!  Don’t start reaching for the Xanax just yet!  This all-nighter is brought to you by Walt Disney Parks so of course that means it is waaaayyyyyy better because we know when it comes to Disney and theme parks, Disney does everything better!  If you pull off this all-nighter it would definitely top all of your friends’ all-nighter stories!

In honor of the very much anticipated film “Monsters University” three Disney Parks will stay open for 24 hours!  We saw Disney do something very similar in celebration of leap year in 2012 called “One More Disney Day” where Magic Kingdom and Disneyland remained open for 24 hours.  This time Disney adds Disney’s California Adventure to the lineup for May 24.  The fun begins at 6 a.m. and the loopiness, dozing, and hallucinations end a mere 24 hours later.

The announcement was made by everyone’s favorite one-eyed Disney character Sulley in his biggest appearance ever, literally!  The announcement was made via a projection on Epcot’s Spaceship Earth, much like the projection shows we see on Cinderella’s Castle.  Check out the announcement in the video below.  You can also take a peek at how they pulled it off on the Disney Parks Blog.  It’s pretty cool!

If you are going to partake in Disney’s all-nighter, don’t worry, no studying is needed.  That does not mean you do not have to prepare!  I suggest an overabundance of sleep leading up to May 24th and head to the park packing energy drinks or make numerous stops at Starbucks throughout the day!  I guarantee this could be the most memorable and fun all-nighter you have ever pulled!

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2 Responses to The Best All-Nighter You Could Ever Pull

  1. kshbrower says:

    I keep trying to figure out how I can go. I so want to be spontaneous, but I just know it would be so crazy and expensive…if I were you though…and had a season pass and could go for one day without it being crazy expensive…I’d be tempted!

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