Magically Transported to…

After nearly escaping the nasty grips of the pillaging, plundering, hijacking pirates of the Caribbean you would think I would have learned my lesson but no.  I had to go and climb onto another boat that took me into the depths of the dangerous jungle.  After safely arriving back at the dock I began to wonder if I should have ever ventured from the safety of my tree house.  Before I would dare allow myself to be whisked away by some magic carpet I had to take a bathroom break.  I walked across the plaza, open the door and I was suddenly (magically?) transported!  Where to you might ask….a restroom of the twenty-first century….allusion ruined!

Of course I am making a bigger deal out of this to make things interesting.  I know you were captivated.  Restrooms on WDW property being plain ol’ restrooms doesn’t really bother me.  I am just curious as to why.  Disney goes through such lengths to maintain a theme or story so why leave the restrooms out.  It wouldn’t be difficult at all.  I mean even even some chain restaurants theme their restrooms.  Plus we are talking about Imagineers here…they can do anything!

Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom has the best themed restroom that I can think of in the parks.  You would not find restrooms during the time that Liberty Square is themed after therefore you will not find restrooms within the confines of Liberty Square.  Although you can find a restroom in the Harbour House which is located in Liberty Square.  If you notice where the restroom is actually located within the Harbour House it would actually put you in Fantasyland rather than Liberty Square.

There are many possibilities to bring some life to these drab rooms.  Maybe posters of attractions in that particular land or advertisements for near by restaurants.  I think it would even be cool to have old photos of the parks throughout the years.

Would love to hear your opinion on the subject and any ideas of what they could do to add some flare to these neglected areas of Walt Disney World.


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4 Responses to Magically Transported to…

  1. grumpydisney says:

    You know I never considered this till you brought it up but now that you have I am slightly annoyed at Disney. Only slightly though! Theming the restrooms could be pretty simple if they just took the time. You should suggest it to someone official!

  2. Mouse Host says:

    I think I will. I will at least try to poke around to find out if there is a reason as to why they don’t.

  3. kshbrower says:

    I completely agree. Although, now that you’ve brought it up, I think about it a lot and it annoys me too. It’s really bad when I walk into a Bass Pro bathroom now and can’t help but think how well they have Disney trumped in that regard!

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