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Main Street Bakery

It might be possible for you to walk down Main Street without stopping by the Main Street Bakery but it’s nearly impossible to walk past the bakery without smelling the comforting and very welcoming smell of freshly baked pastries.  It … Continue reading

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Fireworks Snob

The two most popular activities for Americans on the 4th of July are cookouts and fireworks.  I must say that I am a fan of both, however, it is rare for me to venture out to see fireworks…unless I am … Continue reading

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A Theme Park Picnic

When I lived in St. Louis, the few times I did go to Six Flags we often ate a huge breakfast and packed a lunch so we could have a parking lot picnic midday in order to save money.  Sure … Continue reading

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Magically Transported to…

After nearly escaping the nasty grips of the pillaging, plundering, hijacking pirates of the Caribbean you would think I would have learned my lesson but no.  I had to go and climb onto another boat that took me into the … Continue reading

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A Reader’s Response

I have family visiting this weekend so I wasn’t sure I would have time to write a post this week but read a response to my last post and the reader joked about the response being so long it could … Continue reading

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“Plussing” Your Vacation

Walt Disney World is not just some theme park that you just go to.  Walt Disney World is a resort with many theme parks and should not be taken lightly like Six Flags.  You can’t just pick up and go.  … Continue reading

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Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue…..Review

Those who only venture from their hotel room to the parks may not be aware that some of the best dining experiences are located outside of the parks.  We always stayed in Fort Wilderness growing up so our transportation to … Continue reading

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WDW Bucket List: DiveQuest

Ask anyone what’s on their bucket list and the majority of people will have no difficulty rattling off at least five things they want to experience before they die.  Ask me what’s on my bucket list and the only difficulty … Continue reading

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There’s a new mermaid in town…

A new mermaid has swam into the Disney picture.  Maybe not as well known but certainly older than Ariel, the mermaid whose association with coffee no one seems to question (what’s up with that?) will now also be associated with … Continue reading

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United Kingdom Phone Booths

I think most people would be surprised as to how far Disney goes to achieve authenticity.  Whenever Disney creates an attraction so much time and effort goes toward maintaining the illusion that guests are in a specific place or story.  … Continue reading

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